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Boustrophedonically in photo:

Sergey Stavisky, PhD - postdoc

Jaimie Henderson, MD - co-director

Krishna Shenoy, PhD - co-director

Frank Willett, PhD - postdoc

Sharlene Flesher, PhD - postdoc

Donald Avansino - clinical neurotechnology research assistant

Nir Even-Chen, MS - graduate student

Darrel Deo, MS - graduate student collaborator, primary mentor: Dr. Allison Okamura



Christine Blabe, MS - clinical technician (present: Dept. of Neurology, Stanford)

Cindy Chestek, PhD - postdoc (present: Assist. Prof. Dept. of BioE, Univ. of Michigan)

Vikash Gilja, PhD - postdoc (present: Assist. Prof. Dept. of ECE, UCSD)

Paul Nuyujukian, MD, PhD - postdoc (present: Assist. Prof. Dept. of BioE and, by courtesy, Neurosurgery and Electrical Engineering, Stanford Univ.)

Chethan Pandarinath, PhD - postdoc (present: Assist. Prof. Dept. of BioE, Emory Univ. and Georgia Tech.)

Beata Jarosiewicz, PhD - senior research scientist (present: NeuroPace, Inc.)

Allan Raventos, MS - Master's student (present: Toyota Research Institute)

Paymon Rezaii, MS - clinical neurotechnology research assistant


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