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3/15/17 Wise C & Woodruff J, Typing sentences by simply thinking is possible with new technology. PBS News Hour. (also on YouTube)

Judy Woodruff (PBS News Hour) and Stanford BrainGate Participant

2/21/17 Goldman B, Brain-computer interface advance allows fast, accurate typing by people with paralysis. Stanford Report / Stanford Medical Report.

Professors Jaimie Henderson and Krishna Shenoy (Photo: Paul Sakura/Stanford University)

2/21/17 Svoboda E, Listening in on the brain: A 15-year odyssey. Stanford Report / Stanford Medical Report.

2/21/17 Makin S, Brain–computer interface allows speediest typing to date. Scientific American.

2/21/17 Strickland E, New record: paralyzed man uses brain implant to type eight words per minute. IEEE Spectrum.

11/13/15 Kwon D, Unsupervised, mobile and wireless brain–computer interfaces on the horizon. Scientific American.

11/12/15 Strickland E, Better Brain-Reading Software Compensates for Squishy Brains and Vacuum Cleaner Noise IEEE Spectrum.

9/29/15 Roston E, Watch Two People With Brain Implants Control Computers With Their Thoughts--A massive collaboration of doctors and computer scientists gets one step closer to mind-controlled devicesBloomberg

6/23/16 Ostrov BF, Research sheds light on how neurons control muscle movementStanford Report / Stanford Medical Report.

5/16/12 BrainGate Research participants using brain-machine interfaces to control the reaching and grasping of robotic arm


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